Attorney Profiles

Each attorney user you add to your account has a profile that appears on your website(s). To learn how to add a new attorney user, click here. Attorney bios automatically populate the Attorneys Index page.

Once your attorney user is added, edit their profile by hovering over the Publish link in the blue bar at the top. Click “Attorney Profiles” from the black navigation bar. An example is shown below:

When you open the list of attorney profiles, you’ll see a preview of the first Attorney Profile on the right with a list of each of your Attorney Users in the left sidebar.

Attorney profiles can be reordered by clicking and dragging their names in the left sidebar. The order in your control panel will be reflected on your website(s): the top of the list in the left sidebar will be the first attorney bio on your website’s Attorney Index page.

About The Attorney

This is the primary content editor where you'll add attorney bio content. This information can be seen by the public. To learn how to format content for this section, click here.


The summary is a short description of the attorney. The summary appears with the attorney’s name on the Attorneys Index page as well as on any blog posts they author.

While summaries are automatically generated, they may stop mid-sentence or even mid-word. Therefore, you may want to edit this section.

Publish Profile To

This area allows you to choose which website(s) will feature attorney bios. Check the boxes next to the website(s) where the bio should appear.


Select the office(s) connected to an attorney bio.

Practice Areas

Select individual practice areas for an attorney.

Primary Site

If an attorney bio appears on multiple sites, select which one should be the “primary” site in the event of a ranking tie-breaker.

Note: If you have multiple websites, you can choose one of your sites to be a “primary site.” This designation informs search engines which of your sites should take priority when duplicate pages exist on multiple websites (such as office locations and attorney bio pages). By designating a primary site, you can avoid the “duplicate content penalty” while still maintaining useful information on secondary site(s) for web visitors.


The "Image" section allows you to insert an attorney headshot image. If you do not add an image here, an anonymous placeholder photo will take the place of your personal photo.

The ideal size for an attorney headshot photo is a perfect square with dimensions 250 x 250 (pixels). If you need help scaling and/or cropping your photo, please let us know.

If you prefer not to have a picture next to your name, please contact [email protected] and we will be happy to remove it for you.

Bar Admissions and Schools

This section allows you to add any bar admission numbers and state of admission to your profile. You can add schools you've attended and degrees you've received.

When your profile is ready, click the green “Publish” button.

Removing an Attorney Profile

To remove a bio from your website, complete one of the following actions:

1: Remove the user, or

2: Make the user a non-attorney user.

To learn more about how to complete these actions,  click here.

If you have questions about attorney bios, call us at (800) 713-0161 during our regular business hours, or email us at  [email protected]