The LawLytics Recommendations Module allows you to easily manage recommendations from clients and peer endorsements.

Adding recommendations will automatically populate the Recommendations Index page. There are two Recommendations categories: Received and Outgoing Requests.

When you navigate to the Recommendations section of the LawLytics control panel, you’ll see a list of all of your recommendations on the left with a recommendation preview on the right.

You can change the order in which recommendations appear on your website by clicking and dragging them up and down. Any changes made here will take effect immediately on all sites that feature recommendations. You can manually add recommendations you have received by clicking the green “New” button above the left sidebar.

The "New" button will reveal a form to enter information for the recommendation.


This text box provides an area to title your recommendation. Each title must be unique.

Recommended Attorney

The "Recommended Attorney" text box allows you to indicate which attorney received the recommendation. This section is required.

Additional Information About Recommendations

The Recommendations Module provides two extra pieces of information that you can add to a recommendation. If you'd like to indicate who provided the recommendation, you can do so in the "Who is recommending them?" text box.

If you choose to leave this field blank, it will read "Anonymous." Be sure that you are given permission to use the name of the person providing the recommendation as this field is visible to the public.

Select the relationship with the recommended attorney from the choices provided in the drop-down menu.


This field provides you with space to add the recommendation text. There is no character limit for recommendations.

Publish To

This allows you to choose which site(s) you want to add the recommendation to. Check each box next to the site you want the recommendation to appear on.

When your recommendation is complete, click the green “Publish” button.

Editing and Deleting Recommendations

Once a recommendation is published to your site, you can go back and edit or delete it later. Simply select the recommendation you want to edit, then click “Edit”. Choosing edit will bring up the Editor, as well as the ability to "Publish" any changes you make, "Unpublish" the recommendation, or "Delete" it.

Deleting a recommendation will remove it completely from all of your sites. This cannot be reversed.

If you have questions about recommendations or the LawLytics Recommendations Module, call us at (800) 713-0161 during our regular business hours, or email us at  [email protected]