Outgoing Recommendation Requests

You can request recommendations from the LawLytics Control Panel.

To do this, click “Outgoing Requests” above the left sidebar, then click “New” above it. Once you click “New,” you’ll receive a new outgoing request form.

Recipient's Name and Email

To send a message requesting a recommendation, add the recipient's name and email to the Outgoing Request form. 

Link to Site

This option allows you to add a link to the LawLytics website that will feature the recommendation. If you have only one LawLytics site, you'll add the web address here. If you have more than one site, add the web address of the appropriate site in this field.


This is the subject line of the email that will be sent to the recipient.


This field allows you to send a custom message to the recipient. For your convenience, we also provide you with a default message that reads as follows:

“I am building my firm's web presence using LawLytics, an application that helps me manage my online reputation. Your recommendation would mean a lot to me. You can complete a recommendation in minutes. There is no registration process and no requirement to leave any personal information.”

Once your message is ready, click “Send Request.”

Once the recipient has filled out and submitted the form, you can access their recommendation from the “Received” section. You can approve, edit or delete the received recommendation.

A blue dot indicates a new recommendation.