Editing the Header, Footer, and Sidebar

The header, footer, and sidebar of your content are customizable.

The header is at the top of a page. This section contains your law firm’s logo and telephone number.

The footer of your page may vary in location, depending on the layout you choose for your website. A footer is generally split into three sections along the bottom of every page on your website. If you are unsure of where your footers are located, please feel free to contact us.

The sidebar is on either the left or right-hand side of your website.

How to Edit Your Header, Footer & Sidebar

To edit these three sections, navigate to the "Publish" link in the blue bar at the top of your LawLytics control panel. Hover over the “Publish” link, then click “Sites.”

Select the box with the domain that you want to edit.

Above the left-sidebar, click on “Appearance.” The first menu you’ll see is “Header.”

Editing Your Header

From the header menu, you can edit your logo, telephone number, tagline, and call-to-action (CTA).

Your logo -- part of your branding -- is a clickable image that will take web visitors to your homepage. To add a logo to your site if you have not yet done so, click the "Libraries" link on the blue bar at the top of your dashboard, then simply drag an image from your desktop and drop it into the "Drag-and-Drop" section of your dashboard. You can also manually select a file to add by clicking the green "Browse Files" link in this section.

Once your logo has been added to your website's media library, it will appear as a selectable item when you elect to "Choose your logo" or "Change image" in the "Appearance" sections of your "Header" and "Footer" editing fields. 

For more on adding images to your media library, see this article on the topic.

Using A Footer

To edit your footer, click on the “Footer” tab next to the “Header” tab. From here, you’ll be able to access your three footer sections.

Two footers are customizable, while the third is reserved for your law firm’s contact information.

The third footer displays your office address and image and includes a link that takes web visitors to your Locations page. If you have more than one office location, this footer section will only display up to 2 offices. The footer displays a “+___ More” link, where the blank is filled in by the number of additional offices you have.

For example, if you have 8 offices, two will appear in the footer along with a link that reads, “+6 More”.

Each footer has a required title, body, and an optional image that you can use. Footers can also link to other pages on your site.

Editing Your Sidebar

To edit your sidebar, click on “Sidebar” next to “Footer.”

Your sidebar is edited with widgets. The only difference is that there’s no Map widget for the sidebar. Instead, there’s a Form widget in its place. For more on how to use widgets, refer to this "Introduction to Widgets" article.

Each widget functions identically to the way they would work if they were in the main body content of the content editor.

The “Form” widget allows you to select one of your created forms to display in the sidebar. 

There is no limit to the number of widgets you can have in the sidebar, but we recommend no more than 5.

When you’re satisfied with your changes to the Header, Footer, or Sidebar, click the “Apply Changes” button.

Your changes have been saved when you see the green, “Save Successful” message at the top of the page. The right-side preview of your website will refresh, showing you the changes that have been made.  

If you have questions about editing your Header, Footer, or Sidebar, please call us at 800-713-0161 during our regular business hours, or email us at [email protected].