Link Library

Your resources page is another Index page that gets populated from another section of your LawLytics control panel. Unlike the other Index pages, however, your Resources page acts as a “library” for your link groups.

Link groups allow you to quickly publish a group of links without having to manually add them each time. Link groups can be used in widgets across your site.

Create your Link Groups in your Links Library and decide on which links to have in them.

Your Links Library contains all of the Link Groups in your account. Link Groups are groups of individual links used in widgets and on your Resources page.

To navigate to your Link Library, hover over “Libraries” and click “Links.”

Creating A Link Group

To create a Link Group, click the green “New” button in the upper left-hand corner.

Name your group and begin adding links to it.

Creating A Group Name

Your Link Group name allows you to decide what these links are. For example, you could have your different websites in one Group, local court websites in a second Group, and then your third Group can contain information from federal- or state-sponsored websites about the law.

Each Group would be titled appropriately, so you’d have “My Sites,” “Local Courts,” and “State/Federal Laws” as your Group names.

Adding Links

There is no restriction on the number of links you can add to a group. 

To add more links, click the green “Add” button.

You can reorder links by clicking and dragging the bars on the left-hand side.

To give the link a description, click the “Text” box to describe the link. To add a link address, click “URL” and add the web address. 

To a web visitor, the link appears as “ LawLytics Websites.” That hyperlink takes them to the address:

To remove individual links from the group, click the X on the right-hand side of the link you want to remove.

Using “Publish Links To”

“Publish Links To” allows you to choose which of your website(s) you want to publish the Link Group to. The entire Link Group will appear with the group name as a header, and then the individual links will be listed beneath.

When you’ve created your Link Group, scroll down and click the green “Create Link Group” button.

To edit an existing Link Group, select the Link Group you want to edit from the left sidebar, then make any changes you’d like. When you’re done, click “Update Link Group.”

You can also delete a Link Group by clicking “Delete” next to the “Update” button.

You can reorder Link Groups by clicking and dragging them in the left sidebar.

If you have questions about linking, call us at (800) 713-0161 during our regular business hours, or email us at [email protected]