The Traffic menu provides you with geographic information about your web visitors, what device they use to view your site, and more. These analytical tools can be used in conjunction with tools such as Google Analytics. Traffic menu metrics can provide insight to help you improve your law firm’s online marketing.

You can access each tab in the Traffic menu by using the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen. 

Using the Overview

The Overview provides you with an overview of your web traffic, how much time web visitors spend on your site, and the bounce rate (the percentage of your web visitors who navigate elsewhere after viewing a single web page). The Overview provides a line graph of your website traffic over time.

Note: Individual metrics are tracked for each website. For example, if you have two LawLytics websites and someone visits each one, the traffic count will change for each site individually. This allows you to see how many unique visitors or page views each website has.

If you have more than one LawLytics website, you can view individual metrics by clicking the Reports Settings menu (which displays your domain and a date range) in the top-right corner, just below your name.


This indicates how many visits your website has received over a designated time frame.

Unique Visitors

Unique visitors indicates the number of different individuals who visit your website. One person is one unique visitor. If one unique visitor visits your website or web pages multiple times, they are still considered one unique visitor.

Avg. Minutes on Site

This indicates the average time web visitors spend on your site.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of web visitors who navigate elsewhere after viewing a single web page. After reaching your website, these visitors take no further action, and do not interact with your site before leaving.

Live Visitors

This feature provides information about all individuals currently visiting your website. Information about individual visitors is detailed to include:

Name/Visitor ID

If your visitor is currently marked as a “Lead” within LawLytics, their name will appear here. If not, the system will assign them with a Visitor ID, which will appear instead.


This feature provides information about the geographical location of your web visitors.

Currently Visiting

If you have more than one LawLytics website, this feature indicates which website a web visitor is currently using.


This feature provides information about what time a web visitor accessed your site.


This feature provides specific details about individual web visitors. For an individual visitor, each page they visit is shown, as well as the time they visited the page. From this menu, you are able to mark the visitor as a lead, and track their activity on your website.


This report shows you the number of visitors received by geographic location. The pie chart provides a visual representation of your traffic.

To see more detailed location information, click on each location in the table to drill down by country, state, or city. Some of your visitors may be from international locations.

Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources include Referring Sites, Social Media, and Search Engines. You can also view how much Direct Traffic your website receives.

Direct Traffic

Unlike web visitors who discover your website through a search engine, social media, or a referral source, "Direct Traffic" refers to web visitors who type your URL into the address bar of their browser.

Referring Sites

If a web visitor reaches your website from another website, that traffic data is listed under “Referring Sites.” For example, a blog post on another website may contain a link to your website. If a visitor clicks that link and visits your website, that visit comes from a referring site.

Social Media

If your law firm participates in social media, this data will reflect web visitors who reach your website via sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Search Engines

This data reflects web visitors who find your website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Each traffic source tab provides a detailed explanation about where your traffic comes from. For example, if you click on Referring Sites, the pie chart and table provided explains which referring websites sent the most people to your LawLytics website.


The Browsers tab provides information on the browsers and devices your web visitors are using to access your website.

Your LawLytics site uses the latest responsive design technology, meaning that your website will display optimally across all browsers and devices.

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