The Content Reports tab provides data about the pages and blog posts on your site.

The four sections are:

  • Most Trafficked
  • Page Stickiness
  • Top Entry
  • Top Exit

The four sections of the Content Reports (Most Trafficked, Page Stickiness, Top Entry, Top Exit) examine page-level metrics, rather than the site-wide metrics seen in the Traffic menu.

Most Trafficked Pages

The Most Trafficked Pages tab provides data about the pages which receive the most web traffic.

The pages are ordered from most-trafficked to least-trafficked, with a count of how many page visits (pageviews) that that page has gotten. The more pageviews a page has received, the more trafficked it is.

Page Stickiness

Page Stickiness indicates how long a web visitor spends on a page. The longer they spend on the page, the higher the duration (in minutes). This metric can provide you with information as to where web visitors spend the most time on your website.

Top Entry Pages

This metric examines the first page --or entry page-- through which visitors enter your website.

Top Exit Pages

Top exit pages are those pages through which web visitors most frequently leave.

The Content menu offers you detailed information about which of your web pages are visited most often. This can provide valuable information to attorneys about what pages or information resonate with web visitors.

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