Introduction to the LawLytics Network

Unlike other social media destinations, the LawLytics Network is built for the sole purpose of connecting law firms to leverage the power of collective publishing.

The LawLytics Network strategically connects your internet assets with those of other firms. The LawLytics Network allows your firm to boost its credibility, promote your name and your practice, syndicate your content through relevant internet properties, and make your firm's internet presence more visible through Search, Social, and Referral channels.

When you join LawLytics, you can immediately connect to all other members. As our customer base grows, your network potential grows.

More lawyers in your network means:

  • More fresh content is flowing through your website;
  • Your articles get wider reach and syndication;
  • You have more partners to share and promote ideas with;
  • You have more friends who can post recommendations and endorsements on your sites.

LawLytics gives users the power to easily exclude any individual lawyer or firm and even set blocking rules to ensure no unwanted competitors end up in your network.

To access the LawLytics network, simply click on “Network” in the blue bar navigation at the top of your screen.

There are four areas of the LawLytics network for you to explore:

  • Recent Activity
    • All blog posts written by other attorneys on the LawLytics platform will appear here.
  • My Conversations
    • Keep track of comments you’ve made on other attorney’s blog posts and respond to comments from other attorneys.
  • Following
    • See who you are following and who’s following you in return.
  • Sent Recommendations
    • See recommendations you’ve sent to your fellow attorneys within the LawLytics Network.

Click any of the links above to learn more about a specific area.

If you have questions regarding the LawLytics Network, please call us at (800) 713-0161 during our regular business hours, or email us at [email protected].