LawLytics Network: Following

The “Following” tab in the LawLytics Network allows you to quickly see who you’re following and who follows you. To access the “Following” tab, navigate to “Network” in the blue toolbar and click “Following.”

Click the tabs marked “I’m Following” and “Attorneys Following Me,” to see who you’re following and who follows you on the LawLytics Network.

To learn more about an attorney in the “Following” tab, click on their image. You’ll be provided with a summary of their bio and a list of recent blog posts they’ve published.

If you follow an attorney from one firm, you may want to follow other attorneys from the same firm. To do so, click on the attorney’s image and click the name of their law firm. You’ll be provided a list of additional attorneys within the firm that you can follow. To follow an attorney, click “+ Follow [Attorney’s name].”

The more information you fill out under your Firm Details, the more detailed your profile within the Network is. With more engagement in the Network, the more likely it is that you can start conversations and even get recommendations from other attorneys.

If you have any questions about the Following tab of the LawLytics Network, please give us a call at 800-713-0161 during our regular business hours, or email us at [email protected].