Connecting Your Clio Account

Clio and LawLytics integrate seamlessly. The one-two punch of these best-in-class law firm tools transforms how law firms are marketed and run. Attorneys who use these powerful systems together enjoy a fully integrated, easy-to-use, cloud-based law practice so they can spend less time and money attracting, closing, and serving clients.

How do I connect my Clio account to LawLytics?

To connect your Clio account to LawLytics, log into your LawLytics account and select “Integrations.”

You'll be provided with a menu of integration options. To connect Clio, click on “Connect” under the Clio icon.
Input your login credentials and click "Sign In."
Once you’ve successfully signed in, click "Allow Access."
When you’ve successfully connected, you’ll see the “You’re all set!” message and an option to go to your form submissions.
When your Clio account is connected to LawLytics, you’ll see a green power cord icon in the top right-hand corner of the Clio box during your next visit to the Integrations page.

How do I export form submissions from LawLytics to Clio?

Navigate to the LawLytics contact form submission that you’d like to export. (You can access your forms from the Libraries menu.)
To export a form submission, navigate to "Automatically export all new form submissions to" and select the "Clio" box. When you're finished, click "Save Form."

How do I find leads and contacts in Clio?

When you log into Clio, select "Contacts" to see recently exported contacts, and "Matters" to see recently exported messages.

How do I know if my forms are compatible to export to Clio? 

To ensure that the data from your LawLytics form gets exported correctly to Clio, make sure that your LawLytics contact form requires the following fields:
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Message
For information on how to edit your LawLytics forms, see our Knowledge Base article on creating and using forms.